Affiliate program


We are certain that when our affiliates win, we also win. It is for this reason that we treat our affiliates with the same excellence that we treat our clients.

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The highlights of our affiliate program are:

Exclusive monthly newsletter with bonus opportunities

Content that you can adapt to your marketing strategies.

Up to 30% commission on sales

Cookie window of up to 35 days

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What is the COOL HUNTER ONLINE Affiliate Program?

Our program is a service that allows affiliates to earn commissions on referral sales, using trackable links.

We provide you with custom links and banners so you can use them on your website.

When a visitor who clicked your link makes a purchase, we follow up to provide you with a commission.

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Is my website appropriate for the affiliate program?

We accept requests from all websites that are related to products, accessories or sales of items, as long as they do not promote objectionable or offensive information.

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Does the COOL HUNTER ONLINE Affiliate Program have any memberships associated with it?

There are no charges associated with our program, anyone can participate, it is completely free.

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How do commissions work?

Our program works based on commissions for effective sales, where we pay from 10%. High Sales Volume Affiliates Earn a Higher Percentage

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How do I register?

Registration is extremely simple, you must complete the form and our advisors will contact you by email.

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What is the minimum number of products I must sell?

There are no limits or minimums to sell. We recommend that you use the greatest amount, so your clicks and conversion rate improve

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What reports does the COOL HUNTER ONLINE Affiliate Program provide me?

Each transaction is recorded and available for review as this report is delivered daily with details of commissions, sales and clicks.

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What happens if a product is returned to me?

If your customer returns a product for a refund or if the charges on the card are reversed, you do not get the commission

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Contact an affiliate advisor.

Our affiliate advisors will be happy to answer any of your questions about joining or participating in our program.

If you completed an application and have not yet received an email, it may be that:

The email is in the SPAM tray.

The request was not completed correctly.

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